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Intrexon Corporation

329 Oyster Point Blvd
South San Francisco
United States

At Intrexon, we are committed to building a better world through better DNA™ technology.  By recoding DNA in a variety of organisms, Intrexon’s labs are able to reprogram the universal code of life to unlock new, efficient biological solutions to critical world problems. For example, the growing demand for cleaner burning fuels has led to products that are expensive, inefficient and not scalable for widespread commercial use. Additionally, many alternative fuels on the market today use food sources as feedstock, which directly compete with sustenance crops for land and water.   
Instead of using traditional organisms, Intrexon is the first company to bioengineer a methanotroph bacteria, which allows it to use natural gas as a feedstock. The first product developed from Intrexon’s bioconversion platform is isobutanol, a gasoline blendstock with several advantages over other “drop in” replacement fuels. Isobutanol burns cleaner, corrodes less, has a higher energy content and is compatible with existing pipeline infrastructure. Isobutanol is just the beginning. Intrexon’s innovative methanotroph platform unlocks a wealth of potential products – a true game changer for the chemical and fuel industries.   

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